Thursday, October 11, 2012

8th IWNAM Meeting Puerto Rico


The links below lead to pages through this blog that narrate how WVWS prepared, represented, and returned from the 8th Women's Network meeting in Puerto Rico. 

About the 2012 Hawai'i Delegation

This page is about the women who represented Hawai'i. 


This page is about how the women prepared their cultural report to the other delegates.  

Makana Preparations

The community came together to create gifts for our friends abroad. 

UPDATED! Support Hawaii Women to Represent at the 8th IWNAM meeting, Puerto Rico

A letter reporting to the wider community about our activities and requesting for support. 

Morning in Mākua

Preparation means being grounded in our analysis about militarism in our own home.

We made it!!

First day of arrival in Puerto Rico.

Day 1 - radio station or march?

Connecting to independent media and vibrant community organizing in Puerto Rico. 

No gasoducto!

Information on the protest against a Natural Gas Line that was being rushed by Puerto Rican Governor Fortuño, without community feedback in how the project would be implemented in the Central Mountain Chain.

IWNAM 2012 Hawaiʻi Report Back video

A video produced by Eri Oura that reports on Hawai'i's understanding of militarism, and their resolve to resist. 

International Women's Network Against Militarism 8th Gathering: "Forging Nets for Demilitarization and Genuine Security”

 The Declaration produced at the end of the 8th IWNAM meeting, that outlines our findings and calls to action to the global community.

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